Bikini Lines

BIKINI LINES: GLOBAL SCALE COLLABORATIVE MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: To Benefit Children Affected by the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami & Subsequent Meltdown

Many people have asked me why I have gotten involved with Bikini Lines. The answer was simple, not only does the project fit with the kind of work I am doing but it is also a great chance to be part of something that will be placed in history.

From the time that I left the Army my work has been about time and the fragility of life. I started my new work after a trip to China where I discovered the ancient art of paper cutting.  I started making connections between this, my own style of art and my time in the military.

As an artist I have also believed in doing work that not only speaks to people, but helps them as well. Many of the projects I have been involved with have been fundraisers and public works to improve the visual aspects of an area, or to reach people in a new way.

This project has all the concepts of a public work that hit home for me. Bikini Lines is a project to paint the world’s largest painting on the cactus dome in the Marshal Islands. More than being part of the world’s largest painting, it is exciting to be part of something that is going to help the orphans of the disaster in Japan in 2011.

I am including links to Bikini Lines for those who would like to get involved and also samples of my work for the Bikini Lines.!/Bikini_Lines



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  1. Sadly this project never came to be the organizer felt that it was something they would rather do themselves as they could not seem to come up with the money. Shame, it would have been a great project.

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