On the Studio Wall, Aug. 2016 ©daves-studio

Dave’s paintings reflect his experience as a soldier with a heavy connection to his paper cutting he learned in China and are a combination of Neo-POP and Der Blaue Reiter movements in art. Influenced by artists like Lichtenstein, Xu Xi, Picasso and Van Gogh, Dave strives to create pieces that are strong with line and color while not overly stating the obvious. Each piece is created leaving part of the canvas void of information, letting the viewers imagination determine the completion of the works. The symbolism in the pieces are derived from Dave’s studying and connection to different cultures and their ways of communicating, they are meant as a dialog or a story to the works, which is left for the viewer to determine. While the white in the paintings represent an unfinished or missing part to the subject. Like much of his works, Dave does paints portraits and landscapes of everyday people and places for Dave truly believes that “Even ordinary life can be immortalized through art”.

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