News and Media


  • Media:

    • Article, Village Sees Arts District as Key to its Future, Newsday, Pages 46-47, March 4, 2018
    • Article, Arts District Coming to Patchogue, Greater Patchogue, March 2018
    • Article, Arts District in Patchogue, Long Island Advance, March 2018
    • Publication “Kind of Blue” on cover of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts 2018 Journal. 2018
    • Interview, Red and Black PMHS, Nov 2017
    • Article, Greater Patchogue, Nov 2017
    • Interview, Long Island Advance, Nov 2017
    • Interview, Red and Black PMHS, Oct 2017
    • Article, Long Island Advance, Oct 2017
    • Article, Greater Patchogue, Oct 2017
    • Article, Long Island Advance Aug 2017
    • Article, Long Island Advance July 2017
    • Interview, Long Island Advance, June 2017
    • Article, Greater Patchogue, June 2017
    • Interview, Long Island Advance, March 2017
    • Interview, Long Island Advance, Man of the Year Jan 2017
    • Interview, Cognac’s Corner for Art Hamptons, June 2016
    • Images of my works in Exploring Patchogue Magazine, Year 2016
    • Interview for Arts on Terry Street Arts Fair, Long Island Advance, March 2016
    • Interview for Breakfast Crawl for the Arts, Greater Patchogue, Feb 2016
    • Interview on Breakfast Crawl Fundraiser for the Arts, Long Island Advance Feb 2016
    • Interview for Cognac’s Corner, Long Island Exchange, Jan 2016
    • Article on Patchogue Crosswalk, Long Island Advance, Oct 2015
    • Article on Patchogue Crosswalk, Greater Patchogue News, Oct 2015
    • Feature Story with Art on Cover Page, Long Island Connection, Sept 2015
    • Interview, Art at Alive After Five, Fios1 TV, Aug 2015.
    • Article on Patchogue Mural, Long Island Advance News Paper, June 2015
    • Art on Display for “The Rewrite” Movie with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei, 2014
    • Highlight of my work for Cultural Souls Art Expo on Miami on TV, Sept 3, 2014
    • Interview, Modernism 2, Fios1 TV, Sept 2014
    • Interview, Highlight of Art, United Ink Exhibit, Aug 2014
    • Interview, Beards and Bards, Sparkboom Exhibit at Walt Whitman Birthplace, Fios1 TV, Aug 2014
    • Interview, Patchogue Historical Exhibit, Patchogue Advance, 2014
    • Interview highlight of exhibit “The Modern –ism’s”, Cognac’s Corner Magazine, Jan 2014
    • Interview highlight of exhibit “The Modern –ism’s”, Fios1 TV, Jan 2014
    • Highlight, At the Edge Magazine, Release in Spring 2014
    • Interview, First Cut News, Guild of American Paper Cutting News Letter, Sept 2013
    • Interview, WUSB Stonybrook Radio, Sept 11, 2013
    • Event Story, United Ink Summer Vibe Tattoo Festival, LIB Magazine, June 2013
    • Interview and highlight of Who’s Hot 2013, Fios1 Push/Pause, Fios1 Long Island, March 13, 2013
    • Exhibit Announcement, Stars and Stripes, Long Island Newsday, Glen Cove Patch, Long Island Events.
    • Exhibit Announcement, State of the Art, Newsday Jan 25, 2013, Montclair Patch Jan 22, 2013, New Jersey Theatre Alliance Jan 22, 2013, Town Planner Livingston, NJ Jan 2013
    • Exhibit Announcement, The People Around Me (Portrait Exhibit), Long Island Press, Keep it on Long Island, Glen Cove Patch, Events Long Island, Fios1, Long Island News Day
    • Exhibit announcement, ARCHITECTURES DE PAPIER EXHIBITION, MOCOMuuuz MagazineOrigami NewsParis Anglo-infoParis info (Visit Paris)Paper Blog FranceArty Buzzle blog habit durable, and le nouveau Paris, Paris, France, July 2012 – Oct 2012
    • Interview for Fios1 News, Highlight on Long Island TV, Channel 11, 23 Oct 2012
    • Rogers on Demand, (Solo) highlight and interview with Fios1 News Long Island, Channel 11, 24 Oct 2012
    • Exhibit Announcement “Words of War”, Long Island Press, Life on Long Island, Fios1 News Long Island, Keep it on Long Island, (On-Line) Sept 2012
    • “Group Artist Interview” Hit the Lights, Artist Swap Meet, Islip Bulletin, Islip NY, Front Page and page 6, 30 August 2012
    • Announcement of “Deconstructing POP” at Ripe Gallery, New York Times Metro Section August 5th, 2012, Long Island Press, Lifestyle Section, front page, Aug 2012, Huntington Press, August 2012, Art Times Newspaper, August 2012, Pulse Magazine (On-line), August 2012, Newsday Newspaper (On-Line), August 2012, Fios1 News on-line, August 2012, Minuteman Press News on-line, August 2012, Long Islander News, August 2012, Times Beacon Record Newspaper, 9 Aug 2012
    • Announcement of Paperworks 2012: National Juried Competition, Newsday, Explore LI Aug 4 2012, Long Island Press Aug 4 2012, Long Islander News, August 2012
    • Video Article “Long Island Sound & Art Festival”, Newsday Video, June 24, 2012
    • Article “Long Island Sound & Art Festival”, Newsday, Art Section, June 24, 2012
    • Article “Art Takes Times Square, Capital Times, Art Section, June 19, 2012
    • Article Howl Festival, The East Village Local, Culture Section, (part of the New York Times) June 1st2012
    • Article Das letzte Buch (The Last Book), Hamburger WochenBatt, Rotherbaum, June 12, 2012
    • Interview, Ulsan Jeil ilbo (울산제일일보), 16 May 2012
    • Post Cards to Ai WeiWei Catalog (Freedom is not free Post Card), May 2012, Pages 90-91
    • Show Review and Interview, Long Island Art League Fine Art Exhibit Part II, Long Island Art League Gallery, Fios1 TV Long Island, Nov 2011
    • Television Interview and Spotlight, Guangdong TV English Channel, highlights on Foreign Experts, Dec 12, 2010 Part 1, Dec 19, 2010 Part 2
    • Interview, “Foreign Teacher Admires Confucius” Nan Fang Daily, Sept, 2010

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