Artist Bio

Dave Rogers is a New York born and based artist, art advisor, activist.

As an Artist/Art Advisor:

Rogers a 14 year veteran of the US Army who served in Iraq (1990-91), Bosnia (1997), as a first responder at the World Trade Center (2001) and homeland security in New York (2002-2004), is a New York based Neo-POP Sculptor, Painter, Installation artist and independent curator, who has shown his work nationally in such areas NY, Miami, NJ and CT and also internationally in such countries as China, Korea, Germany, England, France, Mongolia, Switzerland and Spain. His works are in several private and public collections, as well as having been displayed in Museums, National Libraries, Universities and Cultural Centers, as well as several art fairs including Miami Basel, Toronto Love Art Fair, and the Korea and Hong Kong Affordable Art Fairs and Art Hamptons. Rogers belongs to The Guild of American paper cutters, the Art and Oil Painting Associations of Jiangmen China, The Huntington and Patchogue Arts Councils, and Studio Montclair, NJ. His work has been featured in Long Island, Miami, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Dominican Republic newspapers and magazines as well as on News 12 and Fios1 Long Island, Miami TV, and Guangdong Television in China.

Rogers recently founded and was Chairman for the Arts on Terry Street Arts Fair in Patchogue, which brings artists and art groups from across Long Island together for a street Arts Fair in Patchogue. Though only in its first year the Arts on Terry Street has attracted close to 11 Art Organizations, close to 500 artists and 1200 visitors.

Rogers spent seven years as a professor of art and visiting lecturer in art and design through China before returning to New York. He worked as an instructor at 2 different art organizations on Long Island, He is an art advisor and lecturer for emerging artists and young collectors. Rogers has won awards for his work several veteran organizations, and from several art organizations on Long Island and with the Disabled Peoples Union of China, the Art Association of Jiangmen, China and the Chinese Government. Rogers has done several artist in residence in China and New York to include St. Josephs College in Patchogue, He is also the winner of the O’Malley Grant in Fine Art from Long Island University. He received his BA in Visual Arts with Honors from SUNY Old Westbury, attended the Academy of Art University, and an MFA in Sculpture from Long Island University. 

Rogers truly believes that “Even ordinary life can be immortalized through art”.

As an Activist:

Rogers work with disabled and disadvantage people started when he was in High School. Rogers belonged to the NYC Mayors Young Leaders of Tomorrow Program from 1988-89. Rogers supported the Gay Teachers Association through his HS. Rogers also did volunteer work at the NYS Department of Labor, helping those whom did not graduate HS obtain their GED and get job training needed to find employment. During college Rogers continued his work fighting for rights for students and displaced youth through the Student Government at SUNY College at Old Westbury.

While in the Army Rogers received several awards for his community volunteer work. Working with the Special Olympics, helping train athletes and as an inspirational talker at local programs in Savannah, GA and Colorado Springs, CO. While stationed in Korea, Rogers became a sponsorship leader for a local orphanage raising over 10,000 dollars to help the orphanage repair their living quarters and by books for residents.

Becoming disabled while in service of his country Rogers went back to college to finish his degree, and while there worked with disabled students organization and the Student Government to help bring better understanding to for the needs of Special Needs Students.

After graduating Rogers lived in China for seven years as a professor of art, and worked with the Disabled Peoples Art Union. He also sat on the Board of Tourism for Jiangmen China, helping develop programs to introduce foreigners to the area.

Returning to New York to Finish his MFA in Art Rogers has spent the last four years helping emerging artists find their voice in the art world as an art advisor, and independent curator establishing exhibits for emerging artists to network and share their art with the art world. Rogers represents several disabled artists from the US and overseas helping them find exhibits and learn about promoting their art. Rogers also works with several Veterans Art Organizations helping them promote art for disabled veterans.

Recently Rogers became the Art Director of Project9Line which helps promote healing through the arts for Veterans on Long Island dealing with PTSD and of disabilities and illnesses. His program includes art work shops for veterans around Long Island and art programs at the Long Island Veterans Home at Stony Brook.

Rogers has received awards from New York City Mayor David Dinkins, The NYS Department of Labor, the Bronx Borough President, The Martin Luther King Jr. Award for overcoming adversity and work in the community, and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award (3rd Award) as well as awards from the Disabled Artist Union in China, the Jiangmen Government, and from several universities in China for his work with the community.

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