Phone call with Owen Johnson’s Office

Got a call back today from Owen Johnson’s office.

They said they sent a letter out for me, and they got a response back, so there is really nothing they can do. When I told them that I needed further help, they stated that Mr. Johnson is leaving office in Dec. but if I can get a letter to them they can forward it for me, but that is about it.

First of all, I thought that Mr. Johnson was all about serving the people of Long Island, what does it matter that he is leaving his current position. If he ever wants another job, you don’t stop working because you are leaving. Than again, this is probably why he got voted out in the first place.

Second I sent them a response letter to the one I received, and there was no follow up. “Oh, you mean the one you sent in late August?” yes, that is the one. I sent the response and it would have been nice if you followed up with it. So they are going to fax it today, and see if they get a response and if not, than I will have to wait until the new guy gets in office, as Mr. Johnson is too busy packing his desk to care…

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