Oct 1st Email from NG with responses…

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO

Mr. Rogers,

In an effort to move forward with your 911 case, it is necessary for you to
provide this agency with updated information. At your earliest convenience,
could you please verify your current mailing address, telephone number and
home address (if different from the mailing address).  DMNA will be
scheduling you for an independent medical evaluation for your LOD claim.
You will be notified by the independent medical evaluator as soon as an
appointment is made to confirm availability.

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to providing the actions
necessary to complete your 911 case.

Response on Oct 1st to NG

David Rogers
address and phone provided

You still have not told me why I need another medical exam, I have been examined by DMNA doctors, doctors at Walter Reed, Doctors at West Point, the doctors at the Mobilization site which were also DMNA and the VA.

Also what is taking so long to get the medical exams, you told me you would set them up last year and here I am another year and nothing. When I started this process I was told that the DMNA had everything they need now it seems you need more, sounds to me like you are trying to find reasons to deny my claim.

Also what is taking so long? It has been 11 year since my injury, how much longer do I have to wait? Once you get these medical exams, how long will the process be? These are all questions I need answered.

I also want to be sure that the GI and Pulmonary Doctors are familiar with the medical conditions related to the service at the World Trade Center, There are certain medical conditions and problems that have been linked to the World Trade Center, and doctors that do not have knowledge of these links of conditions would not be able to fairly evaluate those that served down there.

Response from NG on Oct 5th

Mr. Rogers:

I received your e-mails and your phone call.  As I understand your
frustration, there is nothing I can do to speed up the process, I am
basically just the middle man.  When the paperwork is submitted, it is then
forwarded to our legal department for direction as to what are the next
steps (medical evaluations), etc.  I must wait until I receive guidance from
our legal department and then I can schedule examinations as deemed
necessary.  Once all examinations are completed, then your whole case has to
go before a review board for final determination of which again, I have no
part of.  The review board is comprised of several different members and
only meets periodically and reviews several cases all at one time because
the board comes from all different areas and occupations.

Please understand that there was a period of time when I was not involved in
this program and your case was not moved forward at all.  Between myself and
our legal department, we have tried to get things moving again as best as we

As far as exams go, we must have our own medical examination completed.  We
cannot use anything from your prior history other then providing the notes
to the doctor we send you to for his review, but DMNA must have their own
medical evaluations completed in order to even consider a disability.

DMNA will be in touch with you very soon to get your medical evaluations
scheduled and move forward from there.  Thank You

Response of Oct 5

So my other question is that I was told that I would get doctor appointments last year, why nothing until now? What is the hold up for getting this started? I mean you talk about the process, but legal and your office told my congressman you would try to rush this through, but being that I have not even seen one doctor from you, or been set up with anything else how is this a rush? I know you have a lot of claims coming through your office, but I have been waiting 11 years for something on this. This should be a priority.

The last thing has to do with medals. I don’t know who is in charge of that, but it seems strange to me that I received an email from JAG saying I should have gotten something for being injured at the WTC, but than I got a letter from the DMNA saying that since it was just state active duty that I don’t deserve anything. This was no regular state active duty, this was the world trade center, a terrorist attack on American soil. I risked my life and health to get people out of there, I am permanently damaged from the actions of that day and the days that follow, and I am told what I did does not equal any kind of recognition from the DMNA?

Look I am trying to be patient, but after all this time it is starting to get to me, between being in pain everyday, having trouble sleeping and PTSD I can barely get through a day, and having to go through all this over and over is starting to do more than frustrate me. You may have new cases coming in everyday, but how about taking care of the ones who have been waiting years for something to be done?

David Rogers
Disabled Veteran
Life Member DAV
Life Member American Legion

Another email sent Oct 22nd

Still waiting to hear back about appointments for doctors, and answers to my other questions.

Response on Oct 23rd

Yes, I understand and I am still waiting for legal counsel on direction.
Thank You,

As of this post have not heard anything back..

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