Tip# 7

As an artist we hear many of the same questions over and over again. Why do you create the art that you do? Have you ever thought of doing a different kind of art? Do you make your art for sale? What keeps you motivated?

What people who are not artists don’t understand is that for artists it is not something that we can simply answer. Art is not something that is planned, at least not in the sen

se of the kind of art that we do. For a true artist finds the art inside them, they are inspired by the world around them, and can no more pick the kind of art that drives them than anyone else can choose the color of their skin.

I am always looking to try new ideas, and explore new art, but the kind of art that I do has nothing to do with trying new things but with do I like those new things. Do I feel that they fit into my art, and what I am doing.

As for making my art for sale, I don’t know many artists who don’t want to sell their work, but if we make work for sale and not for the love of it than we are not making art, we are making items to sell.

As for what keeps me motivated, just making art makes me motivated, there is nothing better than spending the day in my studio creating art. Just like a writer must write and a lawyer loves practicing the law, I must do my art.

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