Tip #2

It is very important to be organized when going to introduce your work to a gallery, or during an opening. One of the most important tools of an artists is their artist book. While it takes time to build a good one, it is important to have it at every opening, and I recommend taking them to group shows you are part of.

Many artists ask what should go in the bo

ok and how should I put it together. There are many formats you can use, you can place different types of information together like in sections, but for me I like to put things in order by date. As for the contents here is a list of things you should include in the book

1. The first is your artist statement, this should be in the front of the book, and well written.. I will go into more about the artist statement later.
2. A list of your exhibits, make sure you keep it up to date
3. A list of awards, affiliations, bibliography
4. Invite Cards to shows (Be sure to keep a couple of invite cards from shows you are in to place in the book, I always keep extra incase anything happens to the book)
5. news articles, announcements for shows
6. reviews of shows
7. samples of works for the shows (these should be placed with the shows themselves)
8. certificates of awards or recognition
9. a photo or two of each show, it is good to show photos especially if you have a good turnout, it tells galleries that you have a following
10. letters thanking you for your participation in shows or events dealing with your art.

It is important to make more than one book, the reason for this is you might have more than one show going on at a time, or you might have a show and need to meet with a gallery at the same time.

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