Tip #1

Todays tip for emerging artist: How to put together an artist statement.

This is one of the most difficult things for artist to do, especially emerging artist and for this reason, as an emerging artist we are still looking for ourselves to a point.

While there is no magic trick to putting together a artist statement, but it should contain the following information.

1. what kind of art you do

2. what inspired you to do this kind of art
3. what is your process
4. who inspires you
5. what materials you use
6. where do you see yourself going with your art

Now you don’t have to add all of this, but you should add at least 1,2,3,5

The important thing is to keep the statement about 1-2 pages, not too long because most people don’t want to read to much, but not too short either.

It is important to have a strong opening to encourage people to read on.

To help get ideas for your own statement, it is good to read statements from other artists who work with your medium and style. (DONT COPY THEM, JUST USE THEM AS A GUIDE)

It is also good to ask other artist, especially established artists, instructors of art, and any gallery owners or art council directors you know to give you advice on your statement when you are writing it.

An important thing for the statement is to make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. if you have access to a writing center it is good to have someone check it. Remember that your statement is the first thing that people will see when reviewing your work.

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