10 steps for emerging artist to follow to get into galleries.

There are a couple of ways to go about it, but it all depends on the strength of your work.
1.you could cold call galleries (I don’t recommend this). You send your portfolio to galleries hoping someone likes your work. The problem is many galleries get hundreds if not thousands of these a year. They rarely look at them and if they do it is rarely the curator unless one of the assistants like what they see.
2. Go to artist friends openings and hope that they will introduce you to the gallery owner. If an artist friend thinks your work is a fit they will, but you have to let them want to introduce you, asking them may turn them off from ever introducing you again.
3. Check out local art associations. It won’t do a lot, but joining them will give you 1-2 shows a year. And sometimes gallery people go to these events to find local talent.
4. Enter art contest. The trick here is to know what ones to join, you don’t want to join the ones that require large fees to enter that is just a ripoff, but there are some good ones and those will build a small resume and get your work out there.
5. Once you are introduced to gallery people don’t just ask them to look at your work, go to openings of other artist they have, get to know them, talk about the work in their gallery in an intellectual way, and respectfully invite them to events, they probably won’t come, but seeing that you are having events of your own might get them interesting in seeing what kind of work you have.
6. Look at local places to give workshops on your art. It is a little tricky to find, but you never know who might come out to see what you are about, gallery owners can tell a lot about you by how you handle a room.
7. If there are events that you can show your work for free, like live painting events that are local to you, go out to them and get to know local artists. Artists are the best resource for local places that will show your work.
8. Build a solid web site, it does not have to start big, but even a WordPress and Facebook page where people can see your art, hear about your activities.
9. Building a mailing list and following of your art. Galleries respond to artist who have a following more than someone that has no one looking at their work, beyond your parents and close friends.
10. This is the most important, have a strong artist statement and be able to talk about your work. This might seem like the same thing but it is not, I have seen many artists who have a strong artist statement, but could not talk about their work, anyone can get help with the artist statement, but a good artist understands their work where it comes from and is able to talk about it.

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