Deconstructing Life Fish

Since the dawn of man we have found ways to destruct the world around us. The dawn of the enlightenment, the power of the industrial revolution and the advancement in the technical age have consumed the world around us. The desire to keep up with the Jones’s has only grown with the introduction of the POP craze of the 60’s, the self storage units of the 70’s and the introduction of the credit card, that allows us to spend what we yet don’t have.

My work with the fish started during my journey through China. While I traveled through the countryside during my time in China I discovered the art of cloth inking in remote villages of minorities in China. Many of the paintings were that of animals and symbols of the village. When looking to add them to my works, I came to think of the fish that I would see hanging, not just in markets, but also through villages and rural areas of China. As they dried they become almost transparent in the sun showing their bones for the world to see. Such a great symbol for life at its death appealed to me.

The fish are a great symbol of duality in life, as they come from the water and provide substance to us they represent life, but as they are hanging as if on a drying line or fishing line baked in the fire of the suns light they represent death. The process in clay adds other elements to the work, as the clay come from the ground, the fire process, the liquid glaze, and the air drying, all of these elements along with the symbolism of the structure of the bone of the dead fish, perhaps by pollution or just from the simple idea of being killed by man, combine to the idea deconstruction of life…Image

Brother and Sister Fish, High Fire Raku, 12 x 18 in, 2012

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