Don’t tell me what art to make…

I hate it when people tell me what kind of art to make. I do not expect to make art that is to everyones liking, nor do I expect to make art that will always sell, but that is my business. It seems that people think that it is okay to tell me that I am making the wrong kind of art, but it can’t be wrong if it is my art, it can’t be wrong if it is what I love doing. Maybe it is not me who has the problem but those that don’t agree with what I am doing. When I think about it, I say okay, well maybe they just don’t understand what I am doing.. or maybe they are jealous that they could not create something that is all their own.

Currently I make 4 kinds of art, painting, sculptures, paper cutting and now ceramics. Each of these are various works around the same theme. Consistency is important in art, and that is what I am doing. There are those that think I should stay to one kind of art, but that is not me, I do not think that artists should restrict themselves to a  singular form of art, as long as they are consistent in their work.

If you don’t like my art that is fine, but please do not attempt to tell me what I should be doing..

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