What is takes to be an artist in todays art world.

Please mind that this is a start and I will add more later…

Lots of people ask me what it is like being an artist in todays market. To tell you the truth, it is harder today than ever before. You would think that with multi media, mass media, digital media, mass production, internet, smart phones and email it would all be easy, but the truth is that the more technology the harder it gets. I will try to explain this in sessions while trying to break down what it takes…

Lets start with the internet… that ever growing unknown place in clouds that we can’t see but know it is there… In the past if an artist wanted to get their work out there it happened in galleries, museums, printed art publications and Art Fairs… today with the internet it is harder to tell who are real artists and who are faking it… now there are vanity galleries, vanity exhibits, art web sites, art blogs, art pages, art apps, virtual galleries, virtual museums, virtual exhibits, virtual publications.. and lets not forget about facebook, twitter, Blogger, wordpress, linked in, and others… anyone can claim to be an artist and post some work.. but you have to ask yourself, is it real? does this person really make art or are they faking it to make a buck? A couple of months ago I met someone who claimed to be a successful artist, they claimed that I knew nothing about real art and had more exhibits than me.. It is not rare to hear this these days, even the legit artists today can tend to have a chip on their shoulders, but I wanted to check him out and see what made him so great.. well it turns out, he does digital art (not that digital art is not real, just not his) all of his exhibits were virtual, and never in a real gallery, most of these virtual galleries were set up by his friends. This is not to say that no virtual galleries are real, there are a few, we will talk about them later, but these clearly were not, they had no offices, no curator, no business license. Now you would wonder what this has to do with making it as an artist in todays market, that is simple. When you are a serious artist there is such a thing as bad exposure. There are lots of people that will tell you that it is most important to get your work out there, and it is, but anyone who knows will tell you that there is such a thing as the wrong place to show your work. When you start to get noticed the last thing you want is a gallery looking at your experience and turning you down based on the fact that they think your exhibits are fake or in vanity galleries..

more later

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