Success in art is 30% luck and 70% hard work…

There are a couple of artists I have met in the last year that ask me how I get my exhibits. I tell them it is 30% luck and 70% hard work.

The luck:
They say that success often comes by being in the right place at the right time… it is a little more than that, you have to also have something to offer… I can tell you that it is true.. I often took advantage of opportunities that have come my way, and while they don’t all pan out more than not I have been lucky enough to meet people who enjoy my work. In China I was able to meet some great artists, art association leaders, and museum and gallery owners, in Europe I was introduced to an artists who invited me to be part of a touring project and some galleries, in Korea I met some gallery owners and amazing artists, and here in Long Island I have met great artists, wonderful museum and gallery people and some terrific art lovers and collectors.

But like I said that is just one part of it. The other part is hard work. Not only am I working in my studio as much as I can, I am out there meeting people, making connections, staying in touch, sending paper invites to those that give me an address, always have business cards on me, taking opportunities to be at as many events as I can, giving demonstrations and doing workshops, visiting other artists studios, going to friends exhibits, supporting galleries and museums that support me, introducing artists with galleries I know if I think their work will add to the place, introducing artists friends to other artists friends, researching galleries and museums that I think will fit my work…

No you can’t do everything, but the most important thing you can do as an artist, is share your information, knowledge and opportunities with others, because in order to be able to do both of these it is important to remember that it usually other artists who help us get our breaks. Most exhibits I have had have been because another artist introduced me to someone that they thought would like my work.

Hope this helps…

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