The importance of a project like the bikini lines.

There are those that will ask why did you do this? What is so important about making the world’s largest painting? This project is more than just making the world’s largest painting, it is about reflecting on our history, our present and our future.

Through our history man has create wonders of beauty, but it is not often that those wonders are formed using such a symbol of destructive force. Much of early (what we today call art) elements created by civilizations reflected on the ideas of both life and death, for even early on people understood that you could not have one without the other. For those that know nothing of the Marshall Islands it sounds like a vacation spot in the middle of nowhere, but this place holds a deeper meaning in understanding of who we are as a people. These test grounds for the most destructive creation man has made to date will become more than an artistic artifact, it will stand as a symbol of hope.

What Christian Forestell and the others of the project have brought us is a chance to be part of a history that is not yet written and bringing a bit of sunshine to a part of history we would rather forget. Though me and my design may not be selected for this project, just being part of the process of creating such a wonderful work of art that has the potential to change others lives gives me hope for the future.

For those that have participated in the project I salute you and your efforts, and hope that this project will inspire more of us to reach for the stars.

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