The problem with Critics today

In doing research for a book I am working on about my art. I have been reading reviews of art exhibits surrounding some of the artists I have included in my manifesto. It is one thing for a critic to write about an exhibit that they have been to and seen first hand, but I was surprised to find several reviews of exhibits in which the critic did not even go to the exhibit, but wrote about the success or failure of the exhibit just the same. How can we trust what is being said about the exhibit if this is what’s going on? As an artist this concerns me because a review could help or hurt your carrier. There are those that will say that it doesn’t matter if the reviews are good or bad, but simply that people are writing about you, I do not buy into this way of thinking. I am not saying that you can always get good reviews from everyone, but there is a difference between getting a bad review and getting mixed reviews. As we all know art is subjective. It is concerning though to know that you could do everything right and still get a bad review from a critic who never even saw your work, like artists don’t have enough to worry about.

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