Discussion of the ideas of contemporary art on linked in

One of the people in the discussion asked to define what contemporary art is, and this is the best i could do. It was initially meant to mean works of art created after WWII, this is not to say that all art created after than in contemporary art, after all we have had POP art, Opt art and others, it was meant to replace modernism which was coming to an end as it had taken its course for the most part. At current we are suppose to be in Post Contemporary art, the problem with that is that post contemporary has not fully been defined. Some of the reasons why there is a lot of uncertainty in these arts and what they mean, as well as who belongs in the field of contemporary or post contemporary art is that the birth of contemporary art was not introduced with a manifesto but simply thrown upon us by the institutions of art, and simply anyone who calls themselves one or anyone who is not sure where they fit is so labeled.

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