The life of a disabled artist, part II

Having not been born disabled, but becoming disabled later in life I have had to adjust in some of the ways that I create my art. While I am not totally disabled, I do have my restrictions, and besides some of the physical restrictions that have been placed on me, I also spend a great deal of time in the hospital. This has caused me not only to think of the way that I do my art, but also changed some of the forms of art that I do.

While I still do sculptures, paper cuttings and paintings, I have given up some of my Luddite ways of art and started to embrace new media forms of art. While I have taken on new media in my art I still try to hold on to some of the ideas of craft art by not mass-producing everything I do. I do have to say that I do find some interesting ideas in working with new media. I have been taking iPhoneography, making small paintings on paper, and creating videos. Right now I am making a video of the day in the life of a disabled artist.

There are those that ask me why I would be so open about being a disabled artist, and the answer is simple. I would like to show those out there that even when there are challenges in our lives we are able to continue to be successful in our lives. I can only hope that my writings, videos and art will encourage those in similar situations to have hope and maybe strive to do more.

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