Where is all the original art?

Over the last year I have joined a couple of art exhibits with groups like Artists Wanted and others, I find it disturbing that many artists continue to enter the same work over and over to various competitions for the same organization. If the work has not won before what makes them think that it is going to win this time. Either they think that people will see it so much and will eventually pick their work, or they just don’t create enough work to submit new stuff. They need to wake up and realize that if the work is not selected the first 5 times resubmitting it over and over is not going to make it any better.

The other thing that I find troublesome is the fact that many of these artists today are not creating new work, or their own ideas, but simply stealing what others have done. I have seen some take photos of famous works calling the photos their art, and other simply remaking famous art in pop styles. Maybe they think that people will see the image and if they can recognize it will vote for them, but the truth is that while that kind of stuff might sell in small markets art collectors and curators are looking for something that stands on its own, and not just simply copied work.

As artist it is not our job to simply create work that is recognizable, but to create work that sparks the imagination and invokes emotion.

Here is my submission for Art Takes Times Square, hope you like and collect it.


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