Puzzle Art Project


The purpose of the project is to bring communities and people together to work on improving their neighborhoods and learning to solve problems together through art. Though we all have some kind of creative side it is often difficult to see how people’s ideas and styles can work together to form a larger image.

Introduction to the project:

In this day of digital age it is easy to forget that the teaching of problem solving using your mind and not a computer is still an important process for the development of students and artists as a whole.

The Art Puzzle Art Project is meant to give children and adults alike the ability to learn new creative ideas and how they can be related to problem solving while creating group and community based art. Each puzzle will contain 3-4 images in which the groups can work on to create a final image. Working from an image provided to them and with various artists and those interested in art each person will either paint, draw or design their piece of the puzzle without knowing where the piece will fit into the puzzle or which pieces will be next to theirs. Once each piece is completed the puzzle will be put together by the group to make a final image.

The puzzel can be designed to not only teach problem solving but as a tool for learning topics and design concepts as well, but even more, the Art Puzzle Project is ideal for teaching children and adults about diversity and how though we are all different we can still go together. While each person designs their own piece in their own way, in th end they go together to form a single work of art.

Cost of the project:

The total cost of the project will be (amount to be determined later). Which will cover the cost of design and cutting of the wood, materials for the perticipatants to create their part of the puzzle, and various artists to help with the project.

Breakdown of cost:

Design of the puzzle:

Photographing and designing the images for the project 200.00 USD
Cutting of the wood into puzzle shapes 600.00 USD
Printing and cutting the pieces to go with the puzzle 250.00 USD

Water color 65.00 USD
Gouache 65.00 USD

Other Materials:

Drawing pencils 22.00 USD
Color pencils 45.00 USD
Paper 22.00 USD
Glue 13.00 USD
Acrilic medium 30.00 USD
Scissors 12.00 USD

Hanging Materials:

Mounting equipment 75.00 USD
Hanging kit 34.00 USD

Compensation per artist assisting in the event: 100 USD total of 5 artists.


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