When thinking of my teaching philosophy I often think of Albert Einstein when he said “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” This statement could not fit better in any other field than art. My goal as an art instructor is not to push set ideas onto students but help them to understand the basic concepts that will assist them in developing their ideas into works of art. I encourage students to engage with the topics and lessons, with me, and with each other in the belief that good teaching depends upon intellectual exchange.

I understand the importance of being flexible in my instructions being able to be responsive to the different needs of students in a class setting. When conducting either large lectures or small seminars, I am aware that each student has different experiences and temperaments that will form their ability to learn. Every students has the ability to develop and improve their understanding of art, it is through this understanding that I attempt to develop a classroom setting that will adjust to these various needs helping to improve on students strengths while ameliorating their weaknesses.

My approach to student assessment contains my two goals. First, to ensure that students have a grounded understanding of fundamentals in art and the ability to properly use them. Second, that students are able to develop their works of art and communicate their ideas using the proper terminology and necessary skills needed to express their concepts. While my standards are high, I help the students to meet expectations by providing office hours, review sessions, and the chance to submit drafts of their work and revisions or resubmissions for consideration.

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