My work with creating the Worlds Largest Painting IV: How I came up with the idea for my design

Now that I have talked about my influences on the design of my work.

There was a definite influence from my time in Asia and my time in the military in this design. The original design as the combination of a Japanese style flower, both in design and colors, and the Atomic bomb. I wanted to design the flower as if it was exploding out on the cactus dome… with the idea that it could also retract.


I than thought about the idea of making the design more simple to create and adding a touch of the digital age, as this project deals with current disasters with some nuclear elements from today, but that will be placed on nuclear reminders of the past. All the time remembering that it is about the design of hope (That is where the flower comes in)


Than with suggestions from Christian I thought about adding the QR code. At first it did not seem to fit in with just a blue background, but I want to make this happen, so I started playing with the color, and thought, why not keep the original colors in the new design.


If chosen this may not be the exact way that it looks, it may need to be adjusted due to the structure of the dome, but it will be close to this..

Though there is no guarantee that I am going to win this project, I am glad to be able to share my ideas of this project as I feel it really fits with the concepts of the overall project. I am enjoying working on this project, and look forward to it coming to completion and that I am able to help make that happen.

If you like my concept and my design I hope that you go to the flicker link and vote for me.

In full Bloom

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