Once again the VA is deciding not to recognize my service at the World Trade Center, while I don’t take anything away from those that served down there, it is sad that only the police and firefighters are being honored overall each year. While they gave a lot, and some of them all, the New York National Guard also answered the call for duty, and it sucks that we are not given any of the recognition, funds or treatment that they are. Being that there are so few of us seriously injured down there the government does not have to worry about a lot of soldiers demanding results and therefore it is easier to ignore us. They claim that my injuries and illness is not service connected because I was working for the National Guard, they denied my Purple Heart because I was working for the National Guard, they refuse to accept any paper work not from the federal government. In that I would like to thank the governor of NY for screwing the soldiers by putting us on state orders without the proper codes, the pentagon for screwing the NYARNG by not recognizing their service and making sure they got proper awards and service connection, the NYARNG for screwing the soldiers by not fighting for them to get their recognition. I spent 14 years serving my country with pride, always believing in what I was doing and not complaining about what was asked for me, thinking all along that when the time came the government would take care of me. But here I am in the end with nothing to show for my service other than an injured neck, bad knees, and bad lungs…

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