The day in the life of an disabled artist…

I am surprised to find people in this day and age who think that being disabled is always a disadvantage or that you are not able to do as much as others are able to. I know many people who are not disabled and yet they are not able to do as much as others, the fact is that each person wether physically challenged or not has their own limits, so why are people surprised when I tell them I sculpt or that I travel a lot for my work, they look at me and some even ask how do you do it.. most of the time I feel like saying “the same as you, you close minded jerk” but I digress and simply say it is not as difficult as it seems.. The truth is that I am one of the busiest artist that I know. I spend on average about 2-3 hours each day, sometimes more just working in my studio or creating art outside. On average I work on 5-6 projects at one time, have about 15-20 (sometimes more) exhibits per year. Usually only 2-3 solos, the rest part of group shows. On average I travel to 2-3 countries or areas per year to create art or have an exhibit and studio art or work with other artists. Does any of this sound like I am physically challenged to you?


  1. I found it interesting to read a deaf friend of mine say that they are not disabled by being deaf. That it’s not a disadvantage. I really don’t know what to think about that, as a hearing person, I would see it as a disadvantage; the world has sound, most people speak out loud, You have adapted to the world, the world hasn’t adapted to you.

  2. I am not adapting or compromising, I am doing what I have always done, make art. I don’t look at learning new ways to adapting, as even before I was disabled I was always learning new ways to create art. If this was not so, we would never have great works by artists such as Chuck Close, Keith Harring, van Gogh.. and many others… they all had (or have) a physical or mental challenge that defines what they are, but does not change who they are. I am an artist, I am also disabled, but why should being disabled make me less of an artist?

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